About Us

—— Comfort and creativity come together at OnSmart Living.

As integrators of smart homes, we provide catered solutions that fits your lifestyle. From smooth automation to outstanding security, we make sure your home adapts to your needs.

Achieve control and enhance dependability and knowledge through our simple user interfaces! Here at OnSmartLiving, we make your home safer, smarter, and more efficient. Get in touch with us to start your transformation


Introduction of OnSmart Living

We can't do miracle, but we can do smart home for you ! Experience the magic of a smarter, more connected life with OnSmart Living now
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The Smart Home Experience Center

Enjoy the personalized  experience prepared for you to fully immerse into the world of smart home & the convenience of automation. We will recommend you the best options to enable your dream home & set up. Timeline when to start the project will also be adviced.

Free 1 to 1 Consultation

for those whose are planning to renovate their normal home to a SMART home
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