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Recap of the "7 Smart Home Investment That Can Save You $5,000" Workshop

Jan 23,2024 | OnSmart

We are pleased to share the overwhelming success of the "7 Smart Home Investments That Will Save You $5,000" workshop hosted on last Saturday(20/1/2024), at the Lenovo Workspace. The event was not only informative, but also an enlightening journey into smart living for the visitors.

 Speaker Spotlight: Adrian Tan – A Journey into Smart Living

Adrian Tan is a experienced smart home specialist who discovered the convenience of smart home during an injury. He started to dive into the smart home area because he step into lot of mistakes when doing his DIY smart home. This also inspire him to help others who face the same problem with him, and he come out with the idea of one-stop smart home solutions to help and bring convenience to those who want to build smart home, but don't hv time to do the survey and research.
Interactive Workshop with Cake, Coffee, and Tea:

The workshop was an immersive experience, complemented by delightful servings of cake, coffee, and tea. The Lenovo Workspace provided the perfect backdrop for an engaging and collaborative atmosphere.

Top Investments : Smart Switches, Smart Kitchen, and More:
Adrian, our knowledgeable sharer, took attendees on an enlightening exploration of the top smart home investments. From smart switches that bring convenience to daily life, to smart kitchen that transforming your whole family lifestyle, the insights shared were not just informative but also practical. Attendees discovered the compelling reasons to invest in these smart solutions, and how such investments can be the quick start they need for building a smarter home.

Exclusive Offer for Attendees:
We presented an exclusive offer for workshop attendees. An opportunity to implement the discussed strategies with an exciting package tailored for smart homeowners.
Our exclusive offer encompassed a meticulously tailored smart home package, handpicked to align with the discussed strategies. This wasn't just a generic deal – it was a personalized for each attendee, ensuring that the transition to a smarter home is seamless but also aligns perfectly with their unique needs and aspirations.

Comprehensive Solution Implementation:Every attendees attached to 1 smart home specialist that help them directly, provide 1 on 1 consultation and service.
From smart switches to advanced kitchen technologies and beyond, our package covered a spectrum of solutions. Attendees had the opportunity to turn their newfound knowledge into tangible, transformative actions, as each component of the package played a crucial role in elevating their home's intelligence.

Seizing the Moment:
The exclusive offer was a limited-time opportunity, but we understand our attendees need time to consider as renovating a house is a big decision.Therefore, we offer a 1:1 consultant to help the attendees to better understand the needs of their "house" and lock in these rare opportunities!

Free Lighting Planning for Your Sweet Home:

Free Lighting Planning for attendees who bring their floorplan along


 Lucky Draw : Special Gifts for Every Attendee:

Lucky draw session as a thank you gift for the attendees.
Our lucky draw session added an element of excitement, with every visitor receiving a gift. The prizes included coveted items such as Lenovo Tote Bag, Smart Light Bulb, Smart Socket, and a complimentary onsite consultation worth $180. A token of appreciation for our engaged and enthusiastic audience.

Gathering Customer Feedback:
We value the opinions of our community, and we collect the valuable feedbacks from our attendees by scanning the QR code we provide.  We appreciate the insights shared by our attendees, enabling us to continually enhance our future events.

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Thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of the "Top 7 Smart Home Investments That Save You $5,000" workshop.  Your enthusiasm fuels our commitment to making smart living accessible and enjoyable for all.

Stay tuned for more exciting events from onSmart Living!

⏰Next Workshop Alert:
As we concluded this successful workshop, a gentle reminder ——– the journey doesn't end here.
Mark your calendars for our next workshop, where we'll continue to share the information of smart living to you on 27/01/2024 (Saturday)