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Opened at Funan now! The second smart home experience store of On Smart Living!

Jan 15,2024 | OnSmart Living

The wait is over, and the excitement continues! We are delighted to share the wonderful moments from the grand opening day of our second Smart Home Experience Store at Funan, Singapore. The day was filled with festivities, innovation, and a celebration of smart living.


Ribbon Cutting and Lion Dance

The day kicked off with an auspicious ribbon-cutting ceremony, symbolizing the official opening of our Funan store. This was followed by a vibrant lion dance, a traditional performance believed to bring good luck and prosperity. The energy was infectious, setting the tone for a day full of positive vibes.



The opening event featured insightful sharing sessions and speeches from our smart home experts- Cavan Loo and Adrian Tan, shedding light on the latest trends in smart home technology in Singapore and how it's reshaping modern living. Attendees had the opportunity to gain valuable knowledge about the products and solutions available in the store. Prior to this, some consumers thought that owning a smart home would require huge expenses, until a brief sharing by smart home experts, these consumers realized that users who have already renovated their homes can simply DIY a smart home appliance for as low as $26!


Scenario Show: A Glimpse into Smart Living:

The highlight of the day was the fascinating scenario show, where the benefits and conveniences brought to ordinary people after owning a smart home were presented in the form of a drama. The drama centered around an office employee named "John". The first half of the drama was about how John's life was unchanging before he entered into smart home.


The second half of the drama was about how John converted his home into a smart home after being introduced by a friend. The scene demonstrates how the smart home blends seamlessly into everyday life, allowing attendees to witness the magic of a smart kitchen, the convenience of smart curtains, and powerful security features. It is worth mentioning that the whole smart home can control by a single app, iAppliances instead of using many different apps!

Special Promo and Giveaway :

To make the day even more special, we rolled out exclusive promotions and exciting giveaways. Customers had the chance to grab the incredible deals on smart home essentials and participate in the incredible giveaways of Speco ION air purifier, worth $850 that added an element of surprise to their shopping experience.

Join Us on the Smart Living Journey:

The grand opening day was a resounding success, marking our commitment to bringing the future of living to your doorstep. The Funan store is not just a retail space; it's an immersive experience that invites every smart home enthusiasts to explore and embrace the possibilities of smart living.

Whether you were there to witness the festivities or missed out on the opening day, OnSmart Living is ready to welcome you to start your smart living journey with us.

Stay connected for more updates, events, and innovations from onSmart Living. Visit our Bugis store or Funan store today and be a part of the smart living revolution!