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XGIMI Projectors

Step into the immersive world of XGIMI, a brand synonymous with cutting-edge projection innovation. With an unwavering commitment to enhancing your cinematic experiences, XGIMI ensures that every visual is not just seen, but deeply felt. Let’s dive into their groundbreaking products:

  • XGIMI Mogo Pro : This is the traveler's choice. Compact and lightweight, Mogo Pro delivers 1080P HD imagery with harmonious sound. Whether you're camping or lounging at home, it's your pocket-sized theater.

  • XGIMI Mogo Pro Plus : Building on the Mogo Pro foundation, the Plus edition accentuates color depth, brightness, and audio richness. It's optimized for those seeking that extra bit of brilliance in their visual adventures.

  • XGIMI Elfin : Beyond its sleek design, Elfin boasts an impressive 1080P HD resolution with intelligent keystone correction. Whether it's a business presentation or a Netflix binge, it adapts flawlessly.

  • XGIMI Halo : Tailored for the outdoors, Halo is your robust companion, resistant to the elements and packing a visual punch with its 1080P HD clarity. Paired with Harman Kardon sound, it’s a festival wherever you go.

  • XGIMI Halo Plus : Building on Halo's legacy, the Plus variant delivers enhanced brightness, making it perfect for sunlit conditions or brighter environments, ensuring uninterrupted visual delight.

  • XGIMI Horizon FHD : A home theater marvel, the Horizon FHD encapsulates full high-definition imagery, rich contrast, and an expansive color palette. Movie nights will never be the same.

  • XGIMI Horizon Pro : Elevating the Horizon experience, the Pro version delivers visuals in razor-sharp 4K resolution. Every detail, from action sequences to serene landscapes, is rendered with immaculate precision.

  • XGIMI Horizon Ultra : For those who demand the zenith of clarity, Horizon Ultra stands tall with an 8K resolution. It's not just viewing; it's a visual symphony that captures every nuance.

  • XGIMI Aura : The crown jewel of XGIMI's lineup. Aura is not just a projector; it's an experience. With its breathtaking 4K resolution paired with a built-in sound system, it offers an unparalleled audio-visual spectacle.

With XGIMI, every moment is an opportunity to transcend the ordinary. By prioritizing precision, clarity, and immersive audio-visual experiences, XGIMI products are not just projectors—they're gateways to mesmerizing visual journeys. Choose XGIMI, and let every frame tell a story.