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OnSmart Easter Egg Surprise! Specially Curated Gifts for You this Month

Mar 07,2024 | OnSmart

So many events are happening on March and we live for it! Firstly is the renown COMEX 2024 which is coming mid of this month and followed by one of the most vibrant holidays of the year, the Easter Day. To celebrate this eventful month, we designed and curated special Easter Eggs for you that you can obtain with every purchase of ASUS and Lenovo machine. Slight hint: each egg consists of various exclusive gifts, ranging from a bluetooth speaker to a noise-cancellation headset, where all of these combined can worth up to $380!

Curious to see what you can actually gain from these Easter Eggs? Find out more about the surprises here and guess which will come with the machine of your dream* 🎁🎉

*No physical easter eggs included