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Mar 05,2024 | OnSmart


Hands up if you're a JRPG lover! 🙌


Final Fantasy XVI follows the journey of Clive Rosfield as he undergoes an 18-year transformation from an honor-bound aristocrat into a revolutionary and the savior of Valisthea. This land is marked by the presence of Dominants, humans who can "prime" into colossal god-like Eikons. Meanwhile, magic users known as Bearers are ruthlessly subjugated for control of their abilities, and a rapidly spreading Blight is turning the continents of Storm and Ash into desolate wastelands.

The storytelling in Final Fantasy has always been a defining feature, and FF XVI strikes a unique balance between two significant influences. On one hand, it embraces typical Final Fantasy elements such as a clear distinction between good and evil - topped with fantastical creatures like chocobos and moogles - and the exceptional portrayal of the main character Cid. On the other hand, the game incorporates elements from the Game of Thrones, a directive given by Akihiko Yoshida, which adds a layer of complexity and depth to the narrative.


Final Fantasy XVI Coming to PC

Rumor has it that Akihiko Yoshida has been hinting on the release of Final Fantasy XVI PC. When asked about a question regarding the specifications to run it on PC, he states that "I would like you to prepare an SSD, in FF16, a game where loading speed is critical, an HDD would be difficult to use. Of course, we will do our best to optimize as much as possible, but we cannot overcome the hardware barrier alone, so please consider that an SSD is a must." Well who could argue, fast storage and speedy loading time have been one the most considered factors in console gaming advancement this year. Let alone PC, the notorious Master Race, is bound to have all the right - if possible the best - specifications to run this masterpiece.

Talk about specifications, SSD alone is barely a benchmark in running games smoothly. Of course you have to top it of with powerful graphic cards such as the latest NVIDIA RTX 40 series and a screen that can please your eyes and display the graphics butterly smooth at a refresh rate of at least 90Hz. Oh and going back to SSD, lets not forget the storage capacity required to run the game, considering the Play Station 5 version loads up up to 90GB of the storage space.


2024 Gaming Laptops

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