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Lenovo x Dal.komm Coffee - Your Perfect Companion on the Go

Jan 19,2024 | OnSmart

☕️ Slurp Slurp Fresh Coffee ☕️



Time sure is relative. Imagine waiting for the traffic lights with remaining-time indicator, and waiting without. Those 60 seconds can sometimes feel like a lifetime when you can't see the timer countdown. That's why we want to make your visit at our Lenovo store as comfortable and as perceptively time-savvy as possible. Sure you can browse and look around at what we have in store while waiting for your machine to be prepped (or just sit, cause we have comfy sofas too), but imagine doing it with a freshly-brewed cup of coffee in hand 😍

Or... if you feel like you've seen enough laptops for the day, you can also just chill at the Dal.komm Coffee outlet across, sip your coffee while browsing through things on your smartphone, and one of our staffs will notify you when your machine is ready to be collected. Guaranteed your experience will be just as we described above, extra comfortable and time-savvy.

That's why we're bringing you this indulgence, a free cup of Dal.komm Coffee when you visit and purchase a machine from our Lenovo Funan store. 100% totally from us, no catch or anything. This offer is available from Monday to Friday every week and runs until end of March 2024. Visit our Lenovo store now:


107 North Bridge Road, Funan Mall
#03-19 to 20, Singapore 179105