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Announcing the Lenovo Christmas Giveaway WINNER!

Jan 11,2024 | OnSmart

Congratulations to our winner, the fabulous Ms. Vera!

In case you missed it, on December 2023 we held a Christmas Giveaway for Lenovo ThinkPad purchases which details you can find out here. Needless to say, our giveaway was a hit! Our store was flooded with people looking to refresh their work machines (perfect time before the GST increases too!), and of course, who would want to miss on this awesome opportunity to win a Lenovo Monitor worth $209. After one week of overwhelmingly wonderful giveaway period, it was time for us to draw the winner. And the lucky Ms. Vera was picked from the hundreds of submissions 🎉

We informed Ms. Vera immediately and greeted her at our Lenovo store. She generously let us take a picture of her with the prized monitor and it just truly made our day to meet her again, have some conversation and witness her happiness on winning the giveaway.




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