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Find Your Ideal Laptop: The Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 5 Series

Sep 29,2023 | | OnSmart


Source from: Lenovo

Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 5 14ABR8 with AMD Ryzen™ 7 7730U Processor

The Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 5 14ABR8 with AMD Ryzen 7 7730U is a reliable device for multitasking tasks and is light in weight. The AMD Ryzen 7 7730U processor provides robust performance for productivity and entertainment. The laptop's design is sleek and portable, making it an ideal companion for users on the go. The display offers vibrant colors and sharpness, supporting enjoyable media consumption and comfortable document editing.


Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 5 Light 14ABR8 with AMD Ryzen™ 7 7730U Processor

  • With a focus on portability, the IdeaPad Slim 5 Light 14ABR8 is a lighter version yet doesn’t compromise on performance. The AMD Ryzen 7 7730U processor efficiently handles daily computing tasks, making it an excellent choice for users seeking a device for work and play while on the move. Its weight and design make it convenient to carry, while the display offers satisfactory visual quality for its price point.

Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 5 14IAH8 with Intel® Core™ i5-12450H Processor

  • The 14IAH8 variant, powered by the Intel Core i5-12450H, offers a balance between performance and efficiency. The Intel processor ensures swift application launches and smooth multitasking, suitable for professionals and students alike. With a solid build and a comfortable keyboard, the laptop provides a reliable platform for typing and navigating through tasks. Its display quality is suitable for a variety of uses, from browsing to video streaming.

Advantageous Features

  • Powerful Processors
     All three laptops boast robust processors capable of handling a variety of tasks efficiently.
  • Portability
    The Slim 5 series is designed for portability, with lightweight constructions and slim profiles.
  • Display Quality
    Each laptop offers a display that supports enjoyable media consumption and productivity tasks with good color reproduction and clarity.


People who MUST buy IdeaPad 5,

The Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 5 14ABR8 is best suited for:


  • Their lightweight design and robust performance make these laptops suitable for students who need devices for note-taking, research, and entertainment.


  • If you're a professional who often works on the move, the portability and performance of these devices can support your workflow effectively.

Everyday Users

  • With a balance of performance and design, these laptops are ideal for everyday tasks like browsing, streaming, and document editing.



Review based on common specifications and features typically found in Lenovo's IdeaPad Slim 5 series laptops and typical uses for processors like the AMD Ryzen 7 7730U and Intel Core i5-12450H.

Laptops IdeaPad Slim 5 14ABR8 with AMD Ryzen™ 7 7730U IdeaPad Slim 5 Light 14ABR8 with AMD Ryzen™ 7 7730U IdeaPad Slim 5 14IAH8 with Intel® Core™ i5-12450H

-Expected to offer robust performance due to the AMD Ryzen 7 7730U.

Performance-wise, this model should be similar to the 14ABR8 with the AMD Ryzen 7 7730U due to having the same processor. However, other factors like thermal design, power consumption, and system optimization might affect the overall performance. The Intel Core i5-12450H processor is generally powerful and efficient, providing smooth performance for daily computing tasks. It might excel in single-threaded tasks compared to its AMD counterpart, which can be beneficial for certain applications and workloads.

Portability & Design

Characteristic : Sleek & portable design 
Ideal for users who need a balance between performance and portability.
The “Light” variant is likely to be lighter and possibly thinner than the standard 14ABR8, making it an excellent choice for users who prioritize portability and travel frequently. A slim and lightweight design, making it convenient for users on the go.
Battery Life Battery life often depends on the optimization between the hardware and software, along with the user's activities. Typically, AMD processors are known for their energy efficiency, the Slim 5 14ABR8 and Slim 5 Light 14ABR8 might offer slightly better battery life compared to the 14IAH8, but this isn’t a strict rule as actual results can vary significantly based on many factors.

Prices can vary based on regions, configurations, and retailers. Generally, you might find that models with Intel processors could be priced differently than their AMD counterparts due to market dynamics and brand positioning strategies. Updated prices for these laptops can go through these links:



  • If you need a powerful workhorse and prioritize performance, either of the AMD Ryzen 7 7730U models might be slightly more compelling, depending on other hardware configurations and features.
  • For users who are looking for a balance between efficiency and power, the Intel Core i5-12450H variant might be a sensible choice.
  • If portability and lightweight design are your top priorities, consider the Slim 5 Light 14ABR8.


Before making a purchase decision, check the exact specifications, read user reviews, and possibly test the devices in a physical store if possible. Always consider your specific needs and usage scenarios, as they should guide your choice of a computing device.