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What's Your Dragon? Receive Exclusive Discount at ASUS Exclusive Store by Visiting Our Social Media Page

Jan 31,2024 | OnSmart

Been eyeing on that ASUS machine but aren't able to decide whether you should get it or not? Well, we'll help you make that decision easier. This February, ASUS Exclusive Store at Bugis is having a TikTok Secret Dragon Discount Promo, where you'll get an exclusive discount for selected machines at our store simply by showing a screenshot of our TikTok dragon post and say "The Dragon is Here". It's THAT easy. And sshh.. rumors on the street is that the discount is too tempting to resist 😉


In a nutshell, what do you have to do?


Check out the selected models below that are eligible for the discount promo:



ROG GV601VV-NF011W               ZB UX5304VA-NQ075W


ZB UX3404VC-M9096W                   VB K5504VA-MA262W


VB X1404VA-AM179W                       VB K3504VA-MA223W


           VB X1605VA-MB232W                   VB K3605VC-N1097W            


VB X1404ZA-AM170W                   VB X1504ZA-BQ300W


VB X1504ZA-BQ381W                   VB K6602VU-N1047W


Offer valid while stock last. Visit our ASUS Store now: