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MOWE 90cm 3 Burners Wi-Fi Stainless Steel Hob MW390S

Remote monitoring on gas hob usage and shut down Set timer / alarm / shutdown for programmed cooking duration Receive alert notification for 30 minutes of continuous cooking Gas usage data analysis Able to interlock to smart wifi gas detector / smoke detector & hood
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Finishing – 304 stainless steel top

Cast iron pan support – extremely durable and tough and therefore gives your pots and pans more stability whilst cooking

Flame failure device -key safety feature for your cooker to stop the flow of gas to the burner of your gas cooker if the flame has been extinguished for any reason.

Electric ignition – ergonomically designed for convenience with a single-hand control. Flame will be ignited with simply just a push and a turn on the knob.

Timer control via iAppliances App – with a pre-set timer, it can be switched off with a single tap anytime, anywhere by using your smartphone.