Lenovo  Kensington Combination Cable Lock
Lenovo  Kensington Combination Cable Lock
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Lenovo Kensington Combination Cable Lock

The Kensington Combination Cable Lock from Lenovo allows customers to manage physical security access within the enterprise, office, schools, libraries, or in other public spaces. Cable locks help reduce theft, and increase physical asset security protection for notebooks, notebook docking stations, desktops and flat panel monitors. The push button design offers one-hand operation for easy install
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Color : Black

Connection Type : T-bar. No keys

New Weight : 155 g (0.34 lbs)

Hardware Requirements : Kensington T-bar lock slot

Brand : Lenovo

Package Type : Brown Box

New Cable Length : 1.8 m (70.9 in)

Cable Diameter : 4.4 mm (0.17 in)

Lock Mechanism : Number combination