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4-Storey Landed House

Jan 09,2024 | OnSmart Living

Creating Harmony at Bedtime:

One of the primary challenges our client faced was the nightly argument with his wife about who should turn off the lights and air conditioning before bedtime. Our solution seamlessly resolved this issue:

Bedtime Scenario:

With the simple touch of a Zigbee Wireless Scenario Switch or 4" Smart Panel, our client and his wife can now initiate the "Bedtime Scenario." This scenario automatically turns off the lights throughout the house and adjusts the air conditioning to their preferred sleeping temperature. No more arguments or disruptions to their peaceful sleep.

Effortless Event Hosting:

Our client frequently hosts events in his spacious Landed House and needed an efficient way to control the ambiance:

Event Scenarios:

We designed custom "Event Scenarios" for different occasions, such as parties, gatherings, or movie nights. Using Zigbee Wireless Scenario Switches or the 4" Smart Panel, our client can instantly change the lighting and air conditioning settings to suit the event. For example, for a movie night, the lights dim, and the air conditioning is adjusted for maximum comfort and enjoyment.

Quick Exit Scenario:

When guests leave the entertainment area, our client can easily initiate the "Quick Exit Scenario" with a single touch. This scenario promptly turns off the air conditioning and lights, ensuring energy efficiency when the area is no longer in use.



The Realty Park 4-Storey Landed House project is a testament to our commitment to enhancing convenience and harmony through smart home solutions. By addressing common household disputes and simplifying event hosting, our smart scenarios have made daily life more enjoyable and stress-free for our client and his family.


  • Realty Park 4-Storey Landed House
Products List
  • Zigbee Smart Switches
  • Wireless Zigbee Gateway
  • IR Universal Remote
  • Zigbee Motion Detectors
  • Zigbee Wireless Scenario Switches
  • 4" Smart Panel
  • Smart Magnetic Track Lights with tunable white light
  • Smart recessed Spotlights with tunable white light
Type of Services
  • Smart Scenarios/automations