SuperDouble Stylist Bag w M/Purpose Case-Ultimate Black

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  • Original "Patent Quick Release Bottom Layer", one-hand pick-up in one second! 
  • Innovative three-tier vertical partitioning making storage more efficient
  • Waterproof inside and outside the bag
  • Anti-collision computer sandwich, insulated kettle pocket
  • Fashionable leather, gorgeous fringe, changeable style
  • Double zipper opening

Feature of product

  • Taiwan design sells tens of millions, customers are unanimous! A must-see backpack this year
  • Original "Patent Quick Release Bottom Layer", one-hand pick-up in one second! Don't be afraid to find something!
  • Innovative three-tier vertical partitioning makes storage more efficient
  • Clear appearance fully demonstrates a confident attitude towards life
  • Waterproof inside and outside the bag, not afraid of getting wet and clean
  • Anti-collision computer sandwich, insulated kettle pocket, good partner for office travel!
  • Roll-up telescoping design, fit more and less between fingers (sports)
  • Double zipper opening, clear configuration inside the bag
A stylish revolution in performance bags!
Say goodbye to the compromise of life, start with the fast card backpack!
Intimate partners of men and women:
Start your day with a fresh and well-prepared breakfast Mobile Power, Mouse Notebook, Mobile Office Helper!
One pack arrives at two packs for fitness travel, no trouble uphill and down!
All-around treasure bag for gamers:
Camera, Lens, Camera, or GoPro, Protect Cache, One Pack!
Beer fried chicken with SWITCH! Happy hour is accompanied by a fast card backpack! Quick card small bag hanging on a bicycle, zero load through the city!
Strongest teammates of stylish parents:
Back to door stylish and stylish, no longer labeled
Diaper wet tissue paper in hand! Relieve danger in a second!
Bag hanging baby stroller neatly does not dump!
Note: The "Universal Express Card Packet" in the above video is an optional package. For more details of the various Quick Card packets, see the Superdouble official website.
The space is divided vertically, and the use is more intuitive. With the German magnetic quick buckle, it effectively shortens the time to find items and provides higher mobility of the "quick card backpack":
Quick Card Packet:
Quick card backpack does not count the cost, adopts the German patent magnetic quick buckle which is used by international famous brands such as NIKE, Y-3 and The North Face. Quick card packets become a helpful assistant for everyone!
Quick Card Packet Application:
Multi-purpose small bag is a good helper for your enjoyment of life. It can be a quick clearance bag, a travel toiletry bag, a 3C office bag ... and so on.
Height reference
Decompression chest buckle
Detachable, can be matched with buckle design according to different needs, simple and easy to fix
Expandable upper storage space, double zipper opening in main bag, magnetic buckle can be operated with one hand, and water-proof body
Sandwich bag display
Anti-theft anti-theft hidden bag, good travel companion:
The back pocket of the Quick Card backpack can be used to store mobile phones, wallets and other personal items. At the same time, it also provides the function of "fixed lever". When traveling, you can easily fix it on your carry-on baggage to accompany you with peace of mind.
Removable pull tab (this tassel is optional!)
Equipped with minimalist leather and fashionable tassels, the Quick Card backpack can transform into two styles.
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Instructions for use

Product specifications

Contents: Quick Card Backpack Fashion Model (Ultimate Black) * 1 (Including Quick Card Pouch at the Bottom-Standard Universal Model * 1, Decompression Chest Buckle * 1, Warranty Card * 1)
Computer mezzanine size: 13.3 inches (based on mac pro 2014 version)
Limited warranty: one year
[Quick Card Pouch (Universal Model) Specifications]
Material: EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Copolymer), Inner Fleece Seam Pocket Interlayer
Internal Size: 24 x 14.5 x 10 cm
Weight: 200g
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